OURLFC Ghana Tour 2022

When it was first proposed that OURLFC went on a summer tour, few could have imagined the scale and success […]

OURLFC Team Announcement (20/10/2021)

After a successful week last week for both sides, OURLFC hope to bag more wins this week. The Blues are […]

OURLFC Match Reports (13/10/21)

Blues 76-0 Nottingham A great start from the boys, flying out of the gates with some hard work up the […]

OURLFC Team Announcement (13/10/2021)

A long time coming but OURLFC is back! After a successful preseason and plenty of new signups, both the Blues […]

OURLFC Team Announcements (11/02/2020)

The Blues are facing up against Brookes again tomorrow in the Semi-final of the Cup. After a disappointing 2 point […]


With just a few more teams left to beat, Let’s forget our Derby Day defeat,With end of term drawing near,No […]

OURLFC Team Announcements 4/02/2020

Getting to the end of the season for the squad but we still have some big fixtures ahead of us. […]

OURLFC Team Announcements (26/02/2020)

The league boys do famously love away days. Not to disappoint tomorrow the Maroons have a big away day to […]

OURLFC Team Announcements 19/02/2020

The Cup run continues for the Blues this week as they take on Brunel at home this Wednesday. With two […]

OURLFC Derby Day Team Announcement (21/02/2020)

It’s that time of the year again! Derby day is next Friday and it’s starting to feel like we’ve really […]

OURLFC Team Announcement 12/02/2020

The Mazzers are back in action tomorrow taking on the Tabs in a big away day. After a close defeat […]

OURLFC Team Announcements 5/02/2020

In a warm-up for the Derby Day, the Mazzers are taking on Brookes 1s in the Cup tomorrow in University […]