The league boys do famously love away days. Not to disappoint tomorrow the Maroons have a big away day to Brighton. After Derby Day the whole squad is eager to prove ourselves and this starts with the Mazzers tomorrow!

  1. LOGAN STWEART (Magdalen)
  2. JAC EDWARDS (St Antony’s)
  3. DIP CHOWDHURY (Queen’s)
  4. TRISTAN LOUVEAUX (St Peter’s)
  5. CALEB OYEKANMI (Mansfield)
  6. JOSH ABASS (St Peter’s)
  7. HARRY FOLKARD (Keble)
  8. RYAN PARRY (St Peter’s)
  9. ALEX TOMETZKI (Magdalen) (VC)
  10. ALEXANDER MASH (St Peter’s)
  11. LEWIS SUTTON (Teddy Hall)
  12. BENEDICT ALDOUS (Christ Church)
  13. SAM LEACH (St Antony’s) (C)
  15. WILLIAM OSBORNE (Exeter)
  16. JAMES YEOMANS (Magdalen)

DRIVERS- Alex Tometzki, Lewis GB

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