Blues 76-0 Nottingham

A great start from the boys, flying out of the gates with some hard work up the middle and some lovely shape outside to build up an early lead. Nottingham rallied in the beginning of the second half, but some hard defence and hattricks from Milo and Dan steadied the ship before Quez time hit and the floodgates opened again.  Salmon of the day goes to Leo for a superb catch and score from Dan’s interesting kicks. DOTD goes to the football team who’s sulking on the coach back prevented the boys stopping for a maccas. But MOTM goes to Leo for some great carries up the middle, and some excellent work to grab his try.

Maroons 24-0 Brunel

With multiple drop outs, very little experience in the squad (even on contact from some), the Mazzas turned up to play a match against some older lads whose weight total was probably about 5 times ours. The maroon wall in defence was indestructible today- only once cut through, for super Jackie Gordon to step in and put a big hit on our line to save the day. Some excellent offloads on the ball meant nearly every try was scored on the wing- even our “props” today were at it out wide, when Jamie LW and Lewis Sutton combined to score the Mazzas 3rd try. No doubt the mighty Mazzas will be back again next week.  Salmon of the day goes to Sutton for a great catch of a kick, even though he dropped one or two balls on fifth. DOTD goes to Tom Duffield, one of the few experienced boys there who got bored of playing and left half way through. And MOTM was Max who was asking for it all day long and handing off some fat toads from Brunel.

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