With the season coming to a close and the Maroons already taking home the title for their League, the formality of Warwick at home still needs to be completed. Given the run of form the lads have shown throughout recent weeks, they go into this encounter as strong favourites looking to set down their last marker before the cup final the following week. The team to take on Warwick in Uni Parks this Wednesday is:

1. Tolly Rose (New)

2. Vincent Vedovato (Wolfson)

3. Joe Welford (Queens)

4. Will Taverner (BNC)

5. Henry Woods (St Catz)

6. Rory Farquharson (St Bennetts)

7. Paul Blanchard (GTC) (c)

8. Joe Mash (Queens)

9. Will Wilson (Univ)

10. Luke Blackaby (St Hildas)

11. Sam Hancock (Queens)

12. James Hayley (BNC)

13. Sam King (Wadham)


14. Jesse Mathews (Queens)

15. Angus McCance (SPC)

16. Olu Arikesola (Trinity)

17. Joe Waldron (St Catz)

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