Big games for both teams again this week, the blues have a big evening away day at Derby with the kick-off being at 7pm. The maroons are up against Brighton at home which should be a good test. After a tough couple of games last week, the squad is ready to build on last week and take the lessons learnt into this round of fixtures.

Blues v Derby (Away)

  1. Jimmy Yeomans (Magdalen)
  2. Logan Stewart (Magdalen)
  3. Hunter Heenan-Jalil (Keble)
  4. Rufus Bridget-Jones (Exeter)
  5. Alex Tometzki (Magdalen)
  6. Jack Gorgon (St Cats)
  7. Harry Folkard (Keble)
  8. Richard Calvs (Christ Church)*
  9. Angoose McCance (St Peters)* (VC)
  10. Eddie Gillow (Teddy Hall)
  11. James Norton (Magdalen)
  12. Steven Ettema (Magdalen)
  13. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)* (C)
  14. Mohammed Memfis (Exeter)
  15. Benedict Aldous (Christ Church)

Maroons v Brighton (Home)

  1. Sam Scott (Teddy Hall)* (VC)
  2. Sebastian Talbot (Exeter)
  3. Urban Coningham (Pembroke)
  4. Ryan Parry (Teddy Hall)
  5. Caleb Oyekanmi (Mansfield)
  6. Charlie Hewes (Magdalen)
  7. Daniel Cotton (University)
  8. Will Osborne (Exeter)
  9. James Perring (St Cats) (C)
  10. Alex Mash (St Peters)
  11. Sam Caygill (Hertford) 
  12. Ollie Townrow (Wadham)
  13. Joe Lloyd (Exeter)
  14. Chris Gilmour (St Peters)

*Denotes returning blue

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