Right gents, great shift with all the preseason and training up until now. Let’s rip into these games and put into practice what we have been working on in training. Do not be disheartened if you are not in the team you were expecting, as we have had some issues with availabilities for the away fixture. I am buzzing and I hope you are too! Let’s play some league!

Blues v Derby (Home), 1PM meet in Uni Parks pavilion for a 2PM KO

  1. Angus Livingstone (Worcester)
  2. James Mann (Teddy Hall)
  3. Hunter Heenan-Jalil (Keble)
  4. Sebastian Talbot (Exeter)
  5. Isaac Pockney (Hertford)
  6. Mark Roper (St Anne’s)* (VC)
  7. Nick Dodds (St Anne’s)*
  8. Edward William Alexandros Harris (Exeter)*
  9. Jack Gordon (St Catherine’s)
  10. Edward Gillow (Teddy Hall)
  11. Rufus Pierce-Jones (Exeter)
  12. Louis Egerton-Legum (Wadham)
  13. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)* (C)
  14. Lewis Sutton (Teddy Hall)

*Denotes a returning Blue

Maroons v Brighton (Away), 10AM meet at Iffley astro for a 2PM KO

  1. James Yeomans (Magdalen) (C)
  2. Theodore Hall (Jesus)
  3. William Midwinter (Merton)
  4. Logan Stewart (Magdalen)
  5. Benedict Aldous (Christ Church)
  6. Alex Tometzki (Magdalen)
  7. James Norton (Magdalen)
  8. Oliver Townrow (Wadham)
  9. Angus McCance* (St Peter’s)
  10. William Osborne (Exeter)
  11. Urban Coningham (Pembroke)
  12. Angus Irving (Christ Church)
  13. Joseph Lloyd (Exeter)
  14. Sebastian Jones (Wycliffe)

*Denotes a returning Blue