Unfortunately, the Brighton away fixture for the maroons was cancelled due to water logged pitches. This has changed things and we have had a reshuffle. The team for the blues is below.

Blues v Derby (Home), 1PM meet in Uni Parks pavilion for a 2PM KO

  1. Angus Livingstone (Worcester)
  2. James Yeomans (Magdalen)
  3. Hunter Heenan-Jalil (Keble)
  4. James Norton (Magdalen)
  5. Alex Tometzki (Magdalen)
  6. Mark Roper (St Anne’s)*
  7. Nick Dodds (St Anne’s)*
  8. Edward William Alexandros Harris (Exeter)*
  9. Angus McCance (St Peter’s)*
  10. Edward Gillow (Teddy Hall)
  11. Rufus Pierce-Jones (Exeter)
  12. Joesph Lloyd (Exeter)
  13. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)* (C)
  14. Angus Irving (Christ Church)
  15. Logan Stewart (Magdalen)
  16. Jack Gordon (St Catherine’s)
  17. Urban Coningham (Pembroke)