Two strong Blues and Maroons teams have been selected to face Coventry and Cambridge respectively. Both sides look to build on their strong starts to the season with two more good performances this week. The teams are as follows:


1. Zac Keane (Mansfield)
2. Matthew Brady (SPC)
3. Phil Tucciarone (CCC)
4. Mike woyton (Worcester)
5. Conor Mcleary (BNC)*
6. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)
7. James Clark (BNC)* (c)
8. Samwise Bainbridge (Catz)*
9. James Smith (Kellogg)*
10. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)
11. Mark Giza (Queens)*
12. Dan Smith (Somerville)
13. Gareth Davies (Wadham)*

14. Cameron Montgomery (BNC)
15. Joe Welford (Queens)
16. Yoni Dennis (Wadham)*
17. Robin Jones (Hildas)


1. William Henshall (Wadham)*
2. Jonny Wood (Hildas)
3. Angus McCance (SPC)
4. Rory Farquharson (STB)
5. Vincent Vedovato (Wolfson)
6. Paul Blanchard (GTC)
7. Alex Babb (SPC)
8. Joseph Mash (Queens)
9. William Wilson (Univ)
10. Sven Kerneis (SPC)
11. Seb Braddock (SPC)
12. Luke Turner (Catz)
13. Sam King (Wadham) (c)

14. Lawrence Middleton (SPC)
15. Sam Hancock (Queens)
16. Luke Blackaby (Hildas)
17. Josh Blackaby (Wadham)

Reserves: Ou Arikesole, Sam Acreman, Tolly Rose, Henry Woods

* Denotes returning Blue