The old guard and the new-blood cross swords as club legend Mark Giza returns for his Wayne Rooney-esque celebratory game, and two new faces travel with the Maroons. Both teams have gone six weeks unbeaten, let’s make it seven. #UTS


  1. Huge Garbutt (New)
  2. Sam Hazeldine (Corpus Christi)
  3. Garcon Wilson (Worcester) 
  4. Will Taverner (Brasenose)*
  5. Sam Scott (Teddy Hall)
  6. Conor Williets (Wadham)*
  7. Thom Foster (Keble)
  8. Mark Giza (Queens)*
  9. Arwen McCance (St Peter’s)*
  10. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)*
  11. Rob Wilson (St Peter’s)
  12. Louis Claxton (St John’s)*
  13. Mark Roper (Blackfriars)* (C)
  14. Richard Calver (St Cross)
  15. Sam Payce (Pembroke)


  1. Ben Lewis (Keble)
  2. Joseph Grosvernor (Wadham)
  3. Will Milnthorpe (St Peter’s)
  4. Nathan Lowe (Teddy Hall)
  5. Guy Durant (Pembroke)
  6. Alex Tometzki (Magdalen)
  7. Dan Smith Dan Smith (Brasenose)
  8. Will Osborne (Exeter)
  9. Jimmy Yeomans (Magdalen)
  10. Pete Woodcox (Corpus Christi)
  11. Maciek Peplinski (Hertford) (C)
  12. Christian Holland (Trinity)
  13. Harry Williams (Brasenose) 

*Denotes returning Blue.

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