With a huge amount of players coming back from injury and everyone fighting hard for spots in both teams, Oxford are able to field two very strong sides to face Coventry and Cambridge. The blues are looking to stay in winning ways after a good end to last term, and Maroons aiming to continue their unbeaten run and remain top of their league. The teams to take the field on Wednesday are:



1. Jack Holmes (Worcester)

2. Matt Brady (Peters)

3. Mike Woyton (Worcester)

4. Will Henshall (Wadham)*

5. Conor McCleary (BNC)*

6. Mark Roper (Kellogg)

7. James Clark (BNC)* (C)

8. Sampson Bainbridge (St Catz)*

9. Zac Keane (Mansfield)

10. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)

11. Mark Giza (Queens)*

12. Dan Smith (Somerville)

13. Gareth Davies (Wadham)*


14. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)

15. Yoni Dennis (Wadham)*

16. Thomas Kerneis (SPC)

17. Phil Tucciarone (CCC)



1. Tolly Rose (New)

2. Joe Conchie (SEH)

3. Rory Farquharson (St Bennetts)

4. Joe Welford (Queens)

5. Andras Sandor (SPC)

6. Alex Babb (SPC) (C)

7. Paul Blanchard (GTC)

8. Matt Lewis (Queens)*

9. Finlay Small (Balliol)

10. Josh Blackaby (Wadham)

11. James Hayley (BNC)

12. Tom Bradley (Queens)*

13. Joe Mash (Queens)


14. Toby Swift (Jesus)

15. Sam Hancock (Queens)

16. Jack Curran (Worcester)

17. Olu Arikesola (Trinity)


* Denotes Returning Blue