A huge Wednesday tomorrow for the squad with two big home games!

**drumroll please**

The Blues are playing Warwick in the rearranged fixture from last week. The Tabs are playing the Maroons, so this will definitely be a good test. Both squads are looking strong and Hilary term promises to be an exciting time to be involved!


  1. Angus Livingstone (Worcester)
  2. James Yeomans (Magdalen)
  3. Hunter Heenan-Jalil (Keble)
  4. Rufus Pierce-Jones (Exeter)
  5. Logan Stewart (Magdalen)
  6. Harry Folkard (Keble)
  7. Mark Roper* (Keble)
  8. Eddie Gillow (Teddy Hall)
  9. Angus McCance* (St Peter’s)
  10. Richard Calver* (Christ Church)
  11. Joe Lloyd (Exeter)
  12. Lewis Greenan-Barrett (Hertford)
  13. Sven Pemberton* (Wadham)
  14. Angus Irving (Christ Church)
  15. Urban Conningham (Pembroke)
  16. Alex Mash (St Peter’s)

*Denotes returning blues


  1. Caleb-Daniel Oyekanmi (Mansfield)
  2. Benedict Aldous (Christ Church)
  3. Tristan Louveaux (Regent’s Park)
  4. Lewis Sutton (Teddy Hall)
  5. Joshua Abass (St Peter’s)
  6. Nicholas Dodds (St Anne’s)
  7. Auguste Breteau (St Antony’s)
  8. Rory Smith (Christ Church)
  9. James Norton (Magdalen)
  10. Mohammed Memphis (Exeter)
  11. William Osborne (Exeter)
  12. Ryan Parry (St Peter’s)
  13. Sam Leach (St Antony’s)
  14. James Mann (Teddy Hall)
  15. Ollie Townrow (Wadham)