The Blues take on Swansea for a chance to reach the final and a day out at BUCS Big Wednesday. 2PM Uni Parks.

  1. Huge Garbutt (New)
  2. Maciek Peplinski (Hertford)*
  3. Cameron Sellers (Keble)
  4. Will Taverner (Brasenose)*
  5. Felix Rathbone (Keble)
  6. Conor Williets (Wadham)*
  7. Thom Foster (Keble)
  8. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)*
  9. Angus McCance (St Peter’s)*
  10. Rich Calver (Camp Nou)
  11. Marco Hiscock (Magdalen)*
  12. Tristan Louveaux (St Peter’s)
  13. Mark Roper (Pembroke)* (C)
  14. Ed Harris (Exeter)*
  15. Pete Woodcox (Corpus Christi)
  16. Richard Nodds (St Anne’s)*
  17. Harry Williams (Brasenose)

*Denotes returning blue.

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