After two strong wins last week, both Blues and Maroons are looking to solidify a strong start to the season against Birmingham and Brighton respectively. Two exciting teams are named, both with flair at their cores. Will the opposition teams want it? Probably not.


  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)*
  2. Felix Rathbone (Keble)
  3. Harry Williams (Brasenose)
  4. Cameron Sellers (Keble)
  5. Will Milnthorpe (St Peter’s)
  6. Mark Roper (St Anne’s)* (C)
  7. Richard Nodds (St Anne’s)*
  8. Edward William Alexandros Harris (Exeter)*
  9. Antonio McCance (St Peter’s)*
  10. Marco Hiscock (Magdalen)*
  11. Will Taverner (Brasenose)*
  12. Louis Claxton (St John’s)*
  13. Sven Pemberton (Wadham)*
  14. Richard Calver (Christ Church)
  15. Garcon Wilson (Worcester)
  16. Seb Talbot (Exeter)


  1. Nathan Lowe (Teddy Hall)
  2. Guy Durant (Pembroke)
  3. Sam Hazeldine (Corpus Christi)
  4. Sam Payce (Pembroke)
  5. Jimmy Yeomans (Magdalen)(C)
  6. Thom Foster (Keble)
  7. Mark Hanna (Exeter)
  8. Will Osborne (Exeter)
  9. Adam Johnston (St Catz)
  10. Alex Mash (St Peter’s)
  11. Rob Wilson (St Peter’s)
  12. Christian Holland (Trinity)
  13. Harry Simpson (St Peter’s)
  14. Joe Lloyd (Exeter)
  15. Jonathan Morley (New)

*Denotes returning Blue.