Michaelmas term culminates in a double header of Rugby League played at University Parks. The Blues face Oxford Brookes for the second time this season, earlier this season it ended in a draw and the Blues are determined to improve on that result. The Maroons, captained by Dan Smith, face Reading in a friendly.


  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)*
  2. John Wylde (Pembrooke)
  3. Will Henshall (Wadham)* (C)
  4. Will Taverner (Brasenose)*
  5. Louis Claxton (St John’s)
  6. Matt Wilson (Worcester)
  7. Richard Nodds (St Anne’s)*
  8. Thomas Kerneis (St Peter’s)*
  9. Anthony McCance (St Peter’s)
  10. Phil Maffettone (Corpus Christi)
  11. Marco Hiscox (Balliol)*
  12. Josh Blackaby (Balliol)
  13. Reilly Knight (Univ)*
  14. Edward Harris (Exeter)
  15. Ashir Mir (St Anthony’s)
  16. Peter Woodcock (Corpus Christi)
  17. Jimmy Yeomans (Magdalen)


  1. Ben Adams (St Peter’s)
  2. Owen Crush (Pembrooke)
  3. Rob Hyder-Wilson (Christ Church)
  4. Sam Pace (Pembrooke)
  5. Joe Cullen (Magdalen)*
  6. Sam Scott (SEH)
  7. Dan Smith (Brasenose) (C)
  8. Aron Hegedus (Christ Church)
  9. Nick Corbett (Wadham)
  10. Peter Doane (Magdalen)
  11. Lewis Greenan-Barrett (Hertford)
  12. Rory Smith (Christ Church)
  13. Harry Martin (Wadham)
  14. Charlie Whitehouse (Magdalen)
  15. Hugo O’Grady (SEH)

*Denotes returning Blue.