For the first fixtures of the 17/18 season Will Henshall and Marco Hiscox will captain two strong sides, with the blues facing newly promoted Birmingham at home and the maroons travelling to play Nottingham away. The boys are raring to go after a tough pre-season camp with new head coach Tom James.



  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)*
  2. Jonny Wood (St Hilda’s)
  3. Will Taverner (Brasenose)*
  4. Rob Wilson (SPC)
  5. Louis Claxton (St John’s)
  6. Mark Roper (St Anthony’s)*
  7. Jeremy Ayling (Magdalen)*
  8. Thomas Kerneis (SPC)*
  9. Angus McCance (Mansfield)
  10. Rory Smith (Christ Church)
  11. Jack Briggs (Balliol)
  12. Will Henshall (Wadham)* (C)
  13. Mark Giza (Queens)*
  14. Alex Pentacost (Wadham)
  15. Charlie Whitehouse (Magdalen)
  16. Owen Crush (Wadham)
  17. Will Milnthorpe (SPC)


  1. Jimmy Yeomans (Magdalen)
  2. Nathan Lowe (SEH)
  3. Sam Pace (Pembroke)
  4. Daniel Smith (Brasenose)
  5. Harrison Ward (Brasenose)
  6. Maciek Peplinski (Hertford) 
  7. Harry Williams (Brasenose)
  8. Phil Maffettone (Corpus Christi)
  9. Nick Corbett (Wadham)
  10. Ashir Mir (St Anthony’s)
  11. Marco Hiscox (Magdalen)* (C)
  12. Edward Harris (Exeter)
  13. Reilly Knight (Univ)*
  14. Hugo Lees (Somerville)