With a perhaps unfortunate early Maroons cup exit, the Blues shoulder the responsibility to represent OURLFC alone this week. After a thrilling win against Salford, the Blues host Northumbria 2nd XIII in what is set to be a defining moment in the cup run. The team is as follows:



  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)
  2. Matt Brady* (SPC)
  3. Will Henshall* (Wadham)
  4. Harry Sturgess (Hertford)
  5. Joe Cullen (Magdalen)
  6. Mark Roper* (St Hughs)
  7. Jordan Ayling* (Magdalen) (C)
  8. Thomas Kerneis* (SPC)
  9. Zac Keane (Mansfield)
  10. Phil Maffettone (CCC)
  11. Marco Hiscox (Magdalen)
  12. Dan Smith* (Somerville)
  13. Jake Langmeme-Jones* (Worcester)
  14. Joe Mash (Queens)
  15. Tom Hamilton (Keble)
  16. Michal Woyton* (Worcester)
  17. Nick Dodds (St Annes)


*denotes returning Blue

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