A massive week for OURFLC as a top of the table clash sees the Blues take on Nottingham at home with an equally difficult fixture in Loughborough as the Maroons travel away. The teams are as follows:


  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)
  2. Matthew Brady (SPC)*
  3. Phil Maffetone (CCC)
  4. Michal Woyton (Worcester)*
  5. Will Taverner (Brasenose)
  6. Mark Roper (Kellogg)*
  7. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)* (C)
  8. Thomas Kerneis (SPC)*
  9. Zac Keane (Mansfield)
  10. Reilly Knight (Univ)
  11. Marco Hiscox (Magdalen)
  12. Tom Hamilton (Keble)
  13. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)*
  14. Joseph Mash (Queens)
  15. Rob Bartlett (St Annes)
  16. Will Henshall (Wadham)*


  1. Josh Southworth (Pembroke)
  2. Nathan Lowe (SEH)
  3. Geoffrey Whitehouse (Magdalen)
  4. Harry Sturgess (Hertford)
  5. Collin Larkin (Magdalen)
  6. Angus McCance (SPC) (C)
  7. Ross King (Pembroke)
  8. Alex Holness-Tofts (Magdalen)
  9. James Yeomans (Magdalen)
  10. Olu Arisekola (Trinity)
  11. William Agnew (Worcester)
  12. Joe Welford (Queens)
  13. Harry Martin (Wadham)

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