Despite a mounting injury list, Nick Dodds and Jordan Ayling will captain two strong sides to face Leicester and Coventry respectively. The teams are as follows:


  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)
  2. Matthew Brady (SPC)*
  3. Phil Maffetone (CCC)
  4. Michal Woyton (Worcester)*
  5. Will Taverner (Brasenose)
  6. Mark Roper (Blackfriars)*
  7. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)* (C)
  8. Thomas Kerneis (SPC)*
  9. Zachary Keane (Mansfield)
  10. Tom Hamilton (Keble)
  11. Dan Smith (Somerville)*
  12. Marco Hiscox (Magdalen)
  13. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)*
  14. Joseph Mash (Queens)
  15. Peter Doane (Magdalen)
  16. Robert Bartlett (St Annes)
  17. Angus McCance (SPC)


  1. James Yeomans (Magdalen)
  2. Collin Larkin (Magdalen)
  3. Nathan Lowe (St Edmunds Hall)
  4. Josh Southworth (Pembroke)
  5. Christian McNerney (St Hildas)
  6. Jesus Gonzalez (St Edmunds Hall)
  7. Nick Dodds (St Annes) (C)
  8. Olu Arisekola (Trinity)
  9. Joseph Cullen (Magdalen)
  10. Alex Holness-Tofts (Magdalen)
  11. Zach Taylor (GTC)
  12. Harry Sturgess (Hertford)
  13. Kacper Wanczyk (St Anthonys)

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