Two strong Blues and Maroons teams have been selected to face Loughborough 2nds and Coventry respectively. The Blues are looking to push on from an impressive first win and the Maroons will be hoping to convert another great performance into points for their first match at home. The teams are as follows:


  1. Conor Williets (Wadham)
  2. Matthew Brady (SPC)*
  3. Phil Maffetone (CCC)
  4. Harry Sturgess (Hertford)
  5. Will Taverner (Brasenose)
  6. Ross King (Pembroke)
  7. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)* (C)
  8. Thomas Kerneis (SPC)*
  9. Mark Roper (Harris Manchester)*
  10. Reilly Knight (Univ)
  11. Dan Smith (Somerville)*
  12. Michal Woyton (Worcester)*
  13. Robin Jones (St Hildas)
  14. Robert Bartlett (St Annes)
  15. Rory Smith (Christ Church)
  16. Marco Hiscox (Magdalen)
  17. Tom Hamilton (Keble)


  1. Joe Cullen (Magdalen)
  2. Collin Larkin (Magdalen)
  3. Rory Farquharson (St Benets)
  4. George Mason (Magdalen)
  5. James Yeomans (Magdalen)
  6. Nick Dodds (St Annes)
  7. Jack Tromans (Brasenose)
  8. Peter Doane (Magdalen)
  9. Angus McCance (SPC) (C)
  10. Alex Holness-Tofts (Magdalen)
  11. James Hayley (Brasenose)
  12. Joe Welford (Queens)
  13. Joe Mash (Queens)
  14. Will Wilson (Univ)
  15. Kacper Wanczyk (St Anthonys)
  16. Christian Goulart McNerney (St Hildas)
  17. James Baker (St Annes)

*Denotes returning Blue