Blues Captain, James Clark, has been able to field two strong sides to play the first round fixtures of the BUCS Cup. Both teams have had tough draws with two long away fixtures awaiting them, with the Blues taking on York St John and Maroons facing Derby. Both sides have put in huge performances recently and are ending the BUCS League season on a strong run, now it is time to take that form into the knockout competition. The squads are:




1. Conor McCleary (BNC)*

2. Matthew Brady (SPC)

3. Will Henshall (Wadham)*

4. James Clark (BNC)* (c)

5. Tolly Rose (New)

6. Alex Babb (SPC)

7. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen)

8. Robyn Bainbridge (St Catz)*

9. Mark Roper (St Annes)

10. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)

11. Dan Smith (Somerville)

12. Mile Woyton (Worcester)

13. Mark Giza (Queens)*


14. Zac Keane (Mansfield)

15. Tom Bradley (Queens)*

16. Phil Maffettone (CCC)




1. Finlay Burnett Small (Bailliol)

2. Henry Woods (St Catz)

3. Joe Welford (Queens)

4. Sam Hancock (Queens)

5. Will Taverner (BNC)

6. Rory Farquharson (St Bennetts)

7. Paul Blanchard (GTC)

8. Joe Mash (Queens)

9. James Smith (Worcester)* (c)

10. Josh Ames-Blackaby (Wadham)

11. James Hayley (BNC)

12. Gareth Davies (Wadham)*

13. Robin Jones (St Hildas)


14. Sean Cuddihy (BNC)


* Denotes returning Blue