Despite several injuries, OURLFC have managed to field two very strong squads for the local derby double-header against Oxford Brookes on Wednesday – showcasing the strength in depth of the club. With the Maroons looking to maintain their unbeaten record, and local pride on the line for both teams there is a lot to play for for the two teams, captained by Mark Giza and Jordan Ayling, with regular Blues captain James Clark out injured.


1. Jack Holmes (Worcester)
2. Matthew Brady (SPC)
3. Will Henshall (Wadham) *
4. Phil Tucciarone (CCC)
5. Conor McCleary (BNC) *
6. Alex Babb (SPC)
7. Mark Roper (New)
8. Roberto Bainbridge (Catz) *
9. James Smith (Kellogg) *
10. Jake Langmead-Jones (Worcester)
11. Mike Woyton (Worcester)
12. Seb Braddock (SPC)
13. Mark Giza (Queen’s) * (C)

14. Sven Kerneis (SPC)
15. Dan Smith (Somerville)
16. Josh Blackaby (Wadham)
17. Zac Keane (Mansfield)


1. Tolly Rose (New)
2. Jonny Wood (Hilda’s)
3. Rory Farquharson (Benet’s)
4. Sam Acreman (NDS)
5. Henry Woods (Catz)
6. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen) (C)
7. Paul Blanchard (GTC)
8. Joe Mash (Queen’s)
9. Cameron Montgomery (BNC)
10. Olu Arikesola (Trinity)
11. Luke Blackaby (Hilda’s)
12. Luke Turner (Catz)
13. Robin Jones (Hilda’s)

14. Angus McCance (SPC)
15. Andras Sandor (SPC)
16. Vincent Vedovato (Wolfson)

Waterboy: James Clark

* denotes returning Blue